The World Language

If you’d ask me: ‚Which language is the world language?‘ you’d probably await an answer like ‚English‘.
But with this writing I just wanted to prove you wrong because I’m sure that there are plenty of foreign people who won’t understand this text anyway. So in my opinion it isn’t necessary to express yourself, your feelings and your thoughts by words.
If you really want to express such things then the right way would be music even though it mostly doesn’t own any words. But it has got the most predicative ways to achieve this goal.
Just a little sound created by a violion is often enough to cause tears running down your face.
Because of that I believe that we will be able to understand each other not by words but with the very strength of the musical notes every single composer chooses.
Yes, we will feel the music full of gentle melodies; the music full of melancholic melodies. We will see that it’s the feelings and not the human beings themselves to create such mystery. To create such therapy.
Music is an opportunity we should take to build up bridges between different worlds just to prove that human is human and we all feel exactly the same way.


4 Gedanken zu „The World Language

  1. But unfortunately, no matter how much you like music and how much music move you, and others, to tears, you can make a contract with music and commerce and many other important human activities are based on contracts and other written agreements.
    Additionally not everybody have the same taste in music. I doubt very much that a person who likes classical music will find a common musical language with those who like Rageton or Rap, and even less with those who like heavy metal. The melodic and rhythmic landscape is as different as Chinese and English, maybe more. But it is a nice thought.

    Gefällt mir

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